March 31, 2012

DCMag Official Photos, thanks to Loic Sattler and Sarah Blake! 

It is small, independent but very brave magazine featuring the very latest artworks from cherry-picked world-known digital artists. A dozen and a bit of future shapers: Sara Blake, Xavier Bourdil, Wojciech Zalot, Evgeny Kiselev, Anton Repponen, Fil Dunsky, Magomed Dovjenko, Loic Sattler, Lisa Shahno, Charlie Bearman, Waldez Snegotskiy, Michael Chereda, Sergey Vlasov, Christoph Sagel and ARS THANEA and VISUAL FREAKS.

Editor: Arseny Vesnin, 
Cover: Evgeny Kiselev and studio

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2) Download Free ePub (iBooks) version here  (Updated! Corrected issues with fonts)

In Press:


Sara Blake:

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